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The Risk of Creation

How can I live a creative life? Whether my audience is one or one million, what does it mean to be creative? Creativity is not the privilege of a few. Art is neither defined by its frame nor the institution in whose hall it hangs. Art is instead defined by

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Creative Diplomacy

Have you ever had an argument about a seemingly insignificant creative decision that ended up feeling like life or death? Have you felt unequipped to have healthy conversations with collaborators who don’t share your opinion? If you’ve ever played in a band, I bet you have. Just ask

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Creative Commoditization

I have a theory that some of the greatest songs ever written would have gone unnoticed had they been released today. The recent UK Parliamentary report on the Economics of Music Streaming adds weight to this thesis. "Like A Rolling Stone," "A Day In The Life," and "Good Vibrations" consistently

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Does A Hit Need To Be A Hit, To Be Called A Hit?

I have a theory that not all hit songs become hit songs. This idea implies that a hit song – like a Platonic Form – has an essence and inherent value, regardless of the audience it reaches. I believe this can be a useful model to apply to creative pursuit in any

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Singing (Copyrights) in the Shower

When you’re singing in the shower, did you know you’re illustrating a key principle of copyright in music? An artist can invent a melody in her head and have it travel to millions of brains around the world. But how does copyright work, allowing music to earn money?